A.J. Plast

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    A.J. Plast

    95 Thakarm Road, Samaedam, Bangkhuntien


    +66 2 4150035

    A.J. Plast is a biaxially-oriented film manufacturer which achieves world-class quality and standard by utilizing experience, innovation, and advanced technology to maximize customer satisfaction. The company is capable of producing several types of films which are: 1. Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene film (BOPP) 2. Biaxially Oriented Polyester film (BOPET) 3. Biaxially Oriented Polyamide film (BOPA) 4. Biaxially Oriented Polylactic acid film (BOPLA) 5. Cast Polypropylene film (CPP) 6. Metallized BOPP film (MPP) 7. Metallized BOPET film (MPT) 8. Metallized BOPA film (MPA) PRODUCTION CAPACITY BOPP film 146,000 metric tons per year BOPET film 64,000 metric tons per year BOPA film 18,000 metric tons per year BOPLA film 5,000 metric tons per year CPP film 16,000 metric tons per year Metallized film 22,000 metric tons per year



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